ive asked this before, and no good answers , so how do i delete a file that saves whatever i type into my keyboard,

for example, lets say im having a private conversation, my parents know what im saying, there not standing over my shoulder, is there a file that i can delete, or delete the contents of so my parents or any other peron can view my conversations ?
msn, microsoft word, myspace, aim, ANYTHING

ah, hell. even RUNESCAPE
such a thing exists?

apart from a keylogger, which is sorta a virus... then it'll just be fraudsters looking out for credit card numbers and whatnot - nothing to worry about
I don't think anything records what you type. You'd have to deal with each program individually (if they do save records or history.) For MSN, go to Tools, then Options, then Messages, and you can select whether or not you want it to record your history. For myspace, you'd have to either get the people to put their profiles as private, or send them private messages.
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Delete your chat logs. DUH
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unless you save msn conversations and word documents and tell your parent your ****ing runescape and myspace passwords
i dont really think you need be on your period about this
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so i'm assuming ur parents put in a program to log anything u say. try going to my computer then to local c disc then to program files. once u are in program files look for any folders are files that are suspicious. For example a folder may be named "Logger 2.0" that folder is probably the logger. so go into it and delete watever u need too.

if none of that works or it is simply to hard to understand (i barely understand what i say) then just go to "search" and search for words like "keyboard", "logger", "parent", "safety", "key logger" etc. if u do find something like that then just go into it and delete whatever files...

Good luck.

(if u want to do something really funny type things on purpose like, i got a 4.0 and ur parents will like get all excicted lol)
Open the task manager and look for a program that is unusual, it's probably a keylogger if they can tell what your saying on all of those things.
Do you use a BR-600?
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Yeah , a key logger like golden eye. In fact find the program golden eye on the internet, install it and then see what they get up to. Scare the **** out of them for a change.