My band is entering a battle of the bands later in the month, and we really don't know what songs to play.

Well, that's not strictly true. We know two of the songs we want to play (we will be playing three in total).

We play neo classical symphonic death metal, by the way.

For our last song, it will either be an original kind of repetitive thrash song with an 'e piano' or a death metal cover of the cheeky song with some funky sci fi piano voice.

I don't know which we should play atall. Part of me wants to do the cheeky girls, just for the pure epicness of it, and because we will be a whole load more memorable (and I don't really like the other song, anyway) but everybody who's heard us has said that cheeky girls isn't that great compared to our original stuff.

What do you guys think would be the best to do?

For our encore song (hopefully we'll get one) we have a great piano ballad planned, it will be epic, though hopefully we get that far.

Every other band in the competition is either indie or rock - we are the only metal band entering.

I know the final decision comes down to us, but I'd just like to hear what some people would think would be best.

Thanks alot.