some lemon oil and need to know how much to apply to the fretboard, its is in a spray bottle, no real instructions on it
mine says sparingly aswell, mine isn't spray it's alittle soakthrough aplicator, but i put a decent mount on it, put a bit, andif you think it needs more put more, but don't use like half teh bottle kinda thing
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ok, and i was reading up and it seems you need some conditioner for the fretboard. Ive got GHS fast fret could i use that or so i need gibson fret board conditioner? BTw the fast fret contains mineral oils
If you already have FastFret, that should be fine, you might not even need the lemon oil. Put a little on a cloth and just wipe it over the strings.
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You don't want to put on very much at all. What you could do is apply like one drop (or as little as you can...i just have regular lemon oil from a grocery store, and it's exactly the same) to each fret (or the space between them) and then rub in with a cloth

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so if im hearing right, a spray or two of lemon oil on the cloth, rub vigerously, making sure a thick layer of wax doesnt build up. The rub with anothr cloath to buffer, and then let it try a bit before repeating but with fast fret?
Is lemon oil just for rosewood necks or can it be used for maple too?

can lemon oil be used to clean the neck as well???
and when you clean the fretboard do you have to take off strings first
i only use it on my neck anyways. ive never used it on the body if thats what youre asking.

and i only apply it when im changing my strings anyways.
guys!!!!! i got some new strings waiting to go on !!! can i use fast fret as a conditioner
I don't know where this idea of conditioner came from, this isn't hair care.

I spray it on a cloth, rub in between the fretboard such that the entire surface is shiny, then quickly rub it off and buff until the surface is dry. Also this should only be done maybe once every 6 months. Too much oil is a bad thing.
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