I'm not looking for a crit per se, but I don't know what to title this piece. Usually, I try to keep a main theme about the music, but no images come to mind when I listen to it. A bit of a failure on my part, but I was concentrating more on subtle undertones ... the music behind the music, I guess.

But if this makes you think of something like an event or an object or a character, I'd love to get a little feedback.

Of course, c4c still applies. I'm always more than happy to put some insight into your work, too.
It sounds really peaceful and ?mysterious? in the beginning sort of. Sort of like you're looking out over the ocean all alone at sunset in remembrance or with a somber attitude... Sort of like the end of the cartoon version of The Hobbit... Or Lord Of The Rings.. The last time I saw that was like when I was 7 or something(10 years ago).. lol But it's one of those two. =P

Right before and during the "solo" sounds like a memory scene or something.. Like regret... Sort of made me think of what it would be like if Cloud was thinking about when Aerith was killed in FF7.

Hope I helped out. =P
Care to listen to one of mine? Preferrably the bottom one, but whichever you would like. =)
Pretty cool, very nice melancholy vibe. I liked the pattern and arrangement, and the song change in measure 49 before the solo-type thing.

Only thing I didn't like was that guitar 2 sounded rather muddy, maybe it's just Guitar Pro's fault, but I changed it to an acoustic and it sounded much nicer I think. Overall, 8/10.

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First, thank you for the quick responses.

I can see how it comes out as a darker piece. But, actually "regret" is a very good description of it. Now I just need to come up with a fancy title. ..You know what, Garb? You nailed this one right on the button. Aerith would be a great title for this.

Fleetingillness - I was actually contemplating whether I should play guitar2 with an acoustic or if I should plug in, but I ultimately felt those triplet 16th, strum areas were more important than the melody, just for the pure dynamic of that kind of "music behind the music" I was looking for. Though I know there is some way to add effects in the middle of the track - I don't know my way around guitar pro. I usually just tab things out in powertab, then import to gp for the rse.

But, I'll check out your songs, and anyone elses who might stop by.