Well I'm having a hard time deciding... so I'm letting the pit of destiny put their input on the situation.

Well here's the thing, I go to the Swedish equivalent of High School. I chose a particular high school because my best friends would go there, so I'm in the same class as them. However, the school is 30 km away, and my friends don't really treat me nice, or even seem to care about me anymore. However, they are really important to me, and I don't want to lose them because we've been through so much together, but I'm giving up hope on that, because they seem to ditch because I'm not as "cool" or "popular" as they are.

I'm opting to change to a school which is 1 kilometer from my house, and where a third of your classes are about music (which is my biggest interest, pretty much what I breathe). However, I don't know anyone there, and I'm afraid to become an outcast (I know what it is like to be the new guy).

So, mighty pit, do you think I should try to get my friends back, or stop looking back and start over again?
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id try to get ur friends back, and if it doesnt work, new school. but try and meet some kids before u get there jus so u kno sime kids
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Change your school, start a new life, why give a damn about your old friends if they don't give a damn about you.
The new school does sound like the better option but it's hard to say from an outsider's standpoint. If you aren't very popular at the school you go to now (and I'd imagine it would be hard to be given that its so far away from your house) then you might as well give it a shot and maybe you'll make more friends if your chill but not weird or awkward

Freinds are a huge part of how much you enjoy high school so I'd think about how much you really enjoy being with your current friends versus making new ones

Good luck in your decision
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Changing schools doesn't sound like a bad idea, and hey, it's a hell of a lot closer.
Forget the old ones.

Sounds like you value your for-sure music classes than people that may stop hanging around you.

Hell, if I had the chance to have 1/3 of my classes be for Music I'd have at it.
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Dude, if you have a chance to start fresh take it.

You should be getting something out of friends whether it's someone you feel comfortable enough with to confide with or someone you just have a laugh wit. To me it looks like you're current "friends" are giving you grief for nothing. I say change school, stay low for a semester then make yourself seen, people hate new guys who think they're a big shot.

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Id switch schools. If u look and act friendly and try to make friends, chances are, youll find a friend. And if u like music so much, then you should be there anyway.
If they don't hang out with you cuz' your not popular or whatever, they are straight up jerks and you shouldn't care much for them.
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Change your school, start a new life, why give a damn about your old friends if they don't give a damn about you.

Yeah, listen to him
Change schools. I was pretty worried when choosing what college to go to (UK college) and it was the choice of going to the same one as my friends who I had know for five years but had been ignoring me, or going to one that scores better in league tables where I wouldn't know anyone. I went for the latter, and am much happier here than I would be with my old friends. Don't worry too much about not making new friends, you will.
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dude. it's time to switch. like if ur friends are assholes then just leave. and if u say ur already unpopular then so wat. and anyway u'll probably make a bunch of new friends. it's like a ****in new start. so go to the new school become a rockstar make friends and then (if ur a vengeful type of person) rub it in ur old friend's faces!
if i was in the same friend situation as you, id choose the new school, a fresh start is a great way to bounce back from a crappy life.

being the new guy is fine, they dont know about who u were before, so even if you were the biggest nerd ever, you have a fresh start

either way you choose, good luck man
Dude change school. If your friends care about how popular they are then they're assholes. If you move school you may find people who will actually care about you...
Change schools.
My best friends and I have had destiny ensure we were nearly never together on our academic journey and they're still my best friends. If anything it makes it better in some ways, because just seeing them makes me laugh and smile, you know *absence makes da heart fonder *.

However I must say in my book... anyone who "ditches" a friend because he's not popular enough or something isn't worth ****. And if they were actually cool and popular they should be able to be friends with anyone. So I'm tempted to say have some more pride you deserve better!

I'm moving away for uni in a week for my second semester. It was a completely new start for me too, but it turned out really well, loads of interesting people and all.
I think you have a fair chance of finding people you may get along with well if the curriculum is largely focused on music.

Only you can turn yourself into an outcast, if you can understand what being an outcast means, you also know what to do to not be one eh?

Of course it all depends on how people act at that school and your whole culture. But you've got great chances if you don't judge people on first impressions too much and try to be friendly and outgoing.

As a general thought, I think change is always hard... but you'll surely be missing out something if you don't try

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1.get friends back
2.keep it that way.
3.if steps one and two fail at least try trnsfering schools for a little while
4.make new friends and become popular at new school because of your mad guitar skills
5.**** bitches, get money
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new experiences rock
id change unless its your last year
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