Ive just tried direct recording my electric guitar through the amp into my multitracker. However, the clean sound its supposed to have comes out a bit distorted when loud.

Am i doing something wrong? The volume meter thing is ok,and the volume on the amp should be ok.

yeh record at a lower volume, disortion occurs when the imput overloading the preamp or whatever is taking the sound, so just turn down the volume, its like when you trun a clean channel up to full,,,, it will stick be slightly distorted
Turn down the mike preamp, then amp gain if that's not enough.
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Yp\ou can turn your mic sensetivity (if you have an interface) up to were into the yellow red areas and it will create a slite overdriven/distorted sound.
No...that'll create a bad digital distortion. The only thing that doesn't distort badly are tube-driven preamps and amp heads.