Why would anybody famous use a $600 guitar? Because it's a kick-ass guitar. There are plenty of famous guitarists who use Schecters.
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schecter makes amazing quality guitars for a fairly decent price.
theyre just a good deal all around.

he could get better, but maybe he likes it.

look at willie nelson and his crappy acoustic with a hole in it....
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but he' rich surely he can get a lot better

Expensive =/= better. It's about preference, not how rich you are.
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but he' rich surely he can get a lot better

Yeah, he can play any guitar he wants to, but he chose that one. Schecter makes amazing guitars, for the money you really can't ask for better.
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I cant tell from the picture but that could be a custom built C-1
Most likely not though
Sure looks like a Diamond Series Schecter to me. C-1 body style. Hard to tell further details on it like the pickups. Judging from the binding, controls, and control placement, I'm thinking Blackjack.
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the more expensive doesnt always mean better usually it isnt much better
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