The guitar is a Schecter CSH 12. A 12 string.

The problem is the highest string, the octave G, will not be tuned up to pitch, I have gotten about a whole step from G and it will just snap. The string doesn't break, it is simply pulled apart/unraveled at the ball. This has happened at least 3-4 times now in a row.

Now it wasn't always so, I have changed strings before and it worked fine, it was only when I went to adjust the intonation the this string of breaks (no pun intended) started.

Took it to a local guitar shop and they had no ideas aside from to rough up the bridge a bit with some sand paper.

Did that a little bit, and now am attempting to restring again, but as I tune up, the string seems to stretch, and the pitch falls back down.

Ideas? I'm running out of spare high G's.
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do you stretch the string before you tune it up to pitch?

It's always good to stretch your G string.
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You can try getting a thicker gauge and slowly tune up to pitch, like give the string plenty of time to adjust to the extreme tension. You see why it breaks so much is because it is such a light gauge over the longest stretch at a relatively high pitch. G's are always the first to break on my 12 string acoustic
I have been waiting a good 20-30 minutes usually in between tuning it up, I haven't been stretching it to much on this go, though I did before and it still snapped.

I'm trying this attempt with a .009 instead of a .008 so lets hope she stays. I had an .008 tuned up and played before without this trouble so I'm puzzled as to the culprit.
maybe some crappy strings? Even if they are from a good manufacturer, you can get old ones sometimes. Try a different brand or get them from a different shop.
I got the whole set at once from D'addrio (sp?) so they should be..relatively new I imagine. I've been taking my time on this attempt, i'm still about 6 whole steps flat of the pitch I need, but its going steady. Stretching it every other step or so to see if it makes a difference.
Thinner strings is an idea. Also, try just not taking the 12-string up to standard E. 12 strings exert a tremendous amount of tension on the guitar, so a lot of people keep their 12-strings downtuned and use a capo for standard.

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