I'm buying a new guitar and have decided on a Jackson, but now I really can't decide which one a want... A KV2 or RR1... They're both awesome looking guitars and an amazing body style, both have Seymour Duncan pickups, etc..

What're some of the main advantages of both guitars? I play a lot of metal (BFMV, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica) and a good amount of other random music, including a decent amount of drop C material. I already have a Les Paul SG Custom and a Schecter Synyster Custom (that has a floyd rose bridge and nut).

So what guitar should I get and should I get it with the Floyd Rose or not? Would having another be helpful (cuz I really like the one I have now other than the fact it's a pain in the ass to tune). Any help is appreciated,

And now I'm looking at the WR1 Warrior by Jackson also... I'm really stuck.
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welllllll... i wouldn't get one just for the whammy....... some tune-o-matic bridges are good.
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welllllll... i wouldn't get one just for the whammy....... some tune-o-matic bridges are good.

I wouldn't be getting it just for the Floyd Rose. Like I said, I already have one (my Schecter). I was just asking that if having another one along side of that would provide any benefit or not.
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kv2 dude that thing is phenomenal

Thanks for the reply. Right now I'm leaning more towards the KV2, but the only other thing that's really making this a hard choice is the fact that I know a place where I can get the RR1 for about $1499 due to the fact it supposedly has a blemish in it. Plus it's in stock now and I could have it in a few days. The KV2 I would just be buying new for about $1999-$2499 and probably just ordering it straight form Jackson. Think I should still go with the KV2?
it is tough decision because you no matter which you pick, you get a great guitar. the RR1 is also quite amazing but since you do save quite a bit you could also get like an amp or some pedals with the left over cash so its really your call. you are in a win-win situation
Well if you have the money for the KV2 I would go for that. I just ordered a blemished RR1, the only reason I did order that was because theres no possible way I could pay for a brand new one.
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Hmmmmm.... alright, cool. I'll probably go with the KV2. It's just looking like the all around better choice right now. Thanks for the input guys, it helped me out a lot