This guy in my music class that cant even play has an old (and I mean old) Silvertone Electric guitar he brought in today.The body almost looks like a squier Jagmaster and it has trapizoid inlays,the head looks like a cross between a strat and tele head,it also has a bigsby style trem.Anyone know anything about these?This guy is kinda dumb and I could probably get it from him for pretty cheap.
i have an old acoustic silvertone from the 50's. are silver tones worth much?
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I got one from the late 90's. thing still sounds sweet.
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I've owned numerous Silvertones over the years, I buy 'em, sell 'em, hate myself for it, buy another one...etc.
The pros and cons of Silvertones, in MY opinion-

#1-They don't stay in tune worth sh!t.
They were low end guitars to begin with, so they weren't using quality tuners.
On all of mine (doublecut) the tuners were all in a row in a metal housing, and really close together, so I don't know if I could even replace them without filling the holes with pegs, redrilling, and then refinishing the headstock.
And intonating the bridge?
Yeah, right....mine just had a slab of rosewood screwed onto a 3 bolt plate as a bridge.
You said the one you were looking at had a Bigsby type bridge, so that might be as much of an issue.

#2- They aren't very versatile guitars....

#3- That said, for the sound they have, they rock.
They make AWESOME slide guitars, and if you're into blues, country, or rockabilly, they sound good in straight up regular tuning as well.

#4- If you hate the weight of a Les Paul, you'll LOVE a Silvertone.

If you can get it cheap, do it, see if you like it.
It's just not going to be a great all around guitar, but it will shine in certain areas.
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