I was just wondering u know if anybody elses amp picks up radio stations........maybe i could learn mariachi and jam with them sometime
Become a guitar legend. Then at shows instead of the crowd shouting "FREEBIRD!" It will be like...

"YER THE ECONOMY IN MEXICO!" "Dude I love this song!"
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My amp does the same thing ive noticed. I have to have the amp at like max volume output to understand it, but 3 is loud so its not really that bad... kinda annoying tho.
I get Japanese radio stations....THEY ARE GOING TO ATTACK PEARL HARBOR...AGAIN!!!
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On Weezer's album Pinkerton, during the segue between Pink Triangle and Butterfly I think it is, Cuomo's amp picks up a Korean woman talking.
That's common, but it is wierd when it first happens.
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Happens a lot. The end of Sleep Now in the Fire is a radio station that Morello's amp was picking up.
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Mexican radio rocks! Now you have to play guitar like a mexican

See if you can get "Radioactivo" it's the best radio station here, specially at night when the play metal.
it's always cheap stations, so it must have something to do with them playing on too high or low frequencies or something. now what would be cool is if you could transmit the signal BACK to the station or the radio, screwing their entire program up with intense shredding.
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its the chupacadra

It's Chupacabra, moron.
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Maybe you just suck at the guitar?

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BOOM head shot!

(pigeons explode after having bicarbonate of soda, they cant fart. stupid pigeons.)
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my amp picks up the christian radio station, like, the preaching one, not the music one. so whenever i try to write a dark heavy song, i hear that subliminally, and i'm like 'dammit! i can't live like this anymore'
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ha, funny but no bull**** my squier bullet starter pack picks up radio disney. my new amp and guitar don't though
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I was just wondering u know if anybody elses amp picks up radio stations........maybe i could learn mariachi and jam with them sometime

Do you play through a mexican strat? That's your problem.
my Pod XT live pedal does that...er never mexican though

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i wish mine did

any tips to make it so it will lol?
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