Im not done with it yet so heres what I have so far.

Im sorry to disapoint.
But I'm not the one you want to here.
I remember there was a time you wanted me near.
but now you just push me away like it's a simple game to play.
It's not easy to forget. I it's best for me I guess.
And I would put money on that bet.

Sorry to disapoint.

I assume I'll just leave you alone,
waiting silently by the phone.
You'll wait for him to call,
while you have nothing to say to me at all.
I'll sit here and try to forget,
all the time we have spent.

Im sorry to disapoint.

Yeah, I'm sorry to disapoint.
lolz at you actually disappointing.

i'd like to crit this, but i have to report it because there's no bumping threads.
you get crits for giving them. sorry for being a dick.