I love the piano melody. This is a good song.

You've got a lot of talent floating around in there.

I've listened to a lot of your songs on MySpace now and here's what I think:

I'm the guy that compared you to The Faint. I said your music was softer than theirs, and could sound better if you made it sound a little rougher.

After hearing more of your songs, I feel that even more. I wanted to give you some solid constructive criticism this time instead of something so open ended as what I said last time.

The bass is too far back, and the vocals are too close. Back the vocals down in the mix a little, and realize when you double/triple your vocals and harmonize, etc... that they layer on top of each other and start getting really loud. When I left the room to get a beer from the kitchen, I could still hear your vocals clearly but couldn't make out much of the music.

If you back them down a little, and bring up the bass so it kicks more... it should do the trick.

I feel that you could do some wicked dance electro music if you get the rhythm section kicking hard. I suppose you want the guitars to just accent the song, and you could still do that.

Here's a song by The Faint that does just that. It's all synth and bass, and it kicks hard. The guitars are in the background. The bass has a little overdrive grit on it.

So I suppose what I'm saying is, you don't need to change your music at all... maybe just try mixing it a little differently, and lets see what happens.

I added you on MySpace.
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Pretty awesome. Really good actually. And the rock/hip hop thing works. I like it a lot. This sounds like something that would be on the radio (not in a bad way).

I agree the mix could be improved a bit, listen to the guy above. Otherwise awesome quality.
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the piano in this is really cool! the beat was pretty good as well, although you should distort the clap a bit so it's stronger. vocals were good, but i think they could have been better with just one track. bass was a bit too far back. good job with the syncronized distortion guitar bits!

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thanks for the replies so far guy! really encouraging!

i have a new rockier track under the new one called "over soon" also just to say

thanks for the comments production wise, i will keep these in mind for remixing before i make a demo up for industry people etc.

any more comments/crit/questions very welcome!!!