Wow, that song kicks butt!!

Nice job on everything... seriously, everything sounds great.

I love that sound. You'd go along with Franz Ferdinand on my Ipod.

I've got a song in my sig you can check out. (nothing like yours, though)
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I gotta be honest man, I wasn't expecting much because alot of the people on these boards blow but jesus you rocked my face off.
That was excellent. The vocals, the guitars, everything, you've got swagger and grit and god bless you for rock and roll. sometimes I get tired of all these crybaby indie kids so it was refreshing to hear an honest to god guitar solo.
WOW, this is awesome. you kinda sound like the arctic monkeys. awesome keep it up.
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sweet ass guitar work dude
especially that intro that pops up
throughout the song.
quality recording too
both guitars go together
pretty damn good.
dowloaded that **** to my computer
Take Jesus not drugs.
Sorry - I didn't like 'EH47' at all. Boring, generic indie/rock drivel like all the other bands at the moment. It's not exactly bad, but there's millions of bands out there doing exactly the same thing better.

I mean, why the hell is that piece of generic Arctic-Monkey-cloned rubbish higher in your playlist than 'Take A Look At Me' or 'Reflections'?
Those songs are a brilliant- and I mean brilliant - fusion of modern indie and classic rock music. I love the funky guitar sounds and slightly spikey attitude; and the producton is great. Your musicinaship is also very high standard, I was tapping my feet to the breaks in 'Reflections' (for example at around 1:29). The sudden change to acoustic caught me by surprise but works very well in context. The vocals work well in the mix, and there's enough there to please both pop fans, and more open-minded rockers.

So seriously, those two tracks are just the kind of stuff the UK popular music scene needs at the moment, not this bloody Britpop rip-off crap. Please, please don't sell yourselves out and become another me-too Arctic Monkeys clone...
Nice stuff man, I like it alot.
I watch the 2 vids with you guys playing, you got some nice stuff going on.

But a little bit too much effects on the singing? Thats what I recon, great voice though, don't hide it! =)


Crit mine? In my thread mate
Thanks, we thought the distrotion on the voice sounded pretty cool for those songs.