Hey, I bought a Laney VC30 a few months ago, second hand, and its been working fine. That was until last night it started making a really angry, vicious buzz. It still made the buzz even when the volume was right down, wondering if anyone has any insights into it! Its probably really obvious, but hey, i'm new at this, so any help is appreciated.
If you take a look at the tubes when the amp is on, what do they look like?
They all glow a little bit, but no differently to how they always have done. Which made me think it might be a transistor problem??
maybe an earthing problem? try another guitar and/or cable
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Tried changing guitar, lead and outlets, didn't change anything. Weird thing was that the amp buzzed hideously even when volume was right down, and when the speaker was disconnected something in the back kept on buzzing, just a lot more quietly!
Sounds like you might have a bad solder joint (cold-solder), a bad capacitor or maybe a wire loose. Keep in mind nobody can diagnose the problem online, only theorize on possible causes. I would take it to a tech, and it probably won't be all that expensive. You are lucky you have a tube amp.
Cheers, thanks for the help. Just trying to find out if it was something really easy to fix, or at least have some idea of the cost! I'll take it to a tech this week.