I dont believe your story truely lies beneath the scars you gently painted on your skin
It makes me sick and wonder why you choose to rape and plunder
Cant you feel my rage and thunder turn into hapiness

Sadness keeps on dropping from your lips
Not even a kiss can put an end to this

Now you turn your voice to God on who you so comfortly blame your trauma, mister drama
But God is not there, please try again, leave a message
I can feel your self centered fettish turn into heresy


She Must, Let the Light consume the darkness in her thick shell
Open up, Let love fill whats inside this god-obsesive hell
She said, I'm lonely with my desires I'm lonely in my shell
Stand up, Let me pull you from the shadows in which you fell

God please have mercy on her fragile Little soul
I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner and I'm sold