These lyrics kind of wrote themselves, the morning after the night before sort of thing really.
C4C if you like?

She recluctantly remembers that she drank alot
And all her morals and standards had gone to pot.
As the evening settled in, she wore the guitless grin
I think we all knew it was about to kick off.
Didn’t take long before she was on some bloke’s knee,
It didn’t take long for him to suggest then her to agree.
Her mate's passed out, but still no shade of doubt,
That she'll be forgiven in the morning.

Well last night,
I was watching you from afar.
Hoping it wouldn’t all turn sour,
But that hope had gone by the end of the hour.
And last night,
You were doing what you do,
Hoping to steal all of the attention,
And I’m pretty certain your name got a mention, or two.

She’s the type to click her fingers and they’ll all come running,
Far too much of a tease but completely ****ing stunning.
And when I stepped out for a cig and fresh air,
There were lads outside saying, “man, have you seen that bird in there?”
She’s a bit of a floozy, but what can you do?
Only sixteen, doesn't have a clue.
Still thinks that Malibu makes a suitable excuse.
But I reckon I know better, don’t you?
im assuming you are younger since your writing about a 16 year old and if so this is pretty amazing for a younger person, some lines sound a bit stumbly but i think in the write context and music it would make for a good song
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