so im making a tele and want to make the body out of mahogany and a maple neck. wat do ya think??
Sounds sweet, I loves me some Teles. I have one partscaster built, two more in the works and templates and the body blank to build one from scratch. Just waiting for this damned winter to get over so I can get back into my shop and start. (my shop is unheated)
Looking forward to your build!!
Any Idea what you'll use for pickups, hardware, neck, etc?
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im a student so money is limited so all my hardware will be coming from guitarfetish.com (gfs pickups) and ill be making the neck and body myself. i wont be tackling a fretboard on my first build so ill be purchasing a rosewood fretboard. ill be staining the whole guitar an sg sorta red but a lil darker. only question i have about the build is set or bolt on mahogany neck??? wat do ya think?
dude i work yearround in an unheated shop in vermont , it gets cold here . but the tele soulds like it could use a figured oak top
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you could do either a bolt on or a set neck, it just depends on your preference. typically teles have bolt on necks, and i think its a lot easier to do, but like i said its all your preference, after all, its your guitar! make it whatever you want!
good call, set seems to be the way to go. i was kinda hesitant because i learned about set necks with the les paul model wich has to be on a perfect angle, but since tele's are straight as an arrow it prolly wont be that hard and will give a lil boost to the sustain. am i right?
with a bolt on neck you can get just as much sustain as a set neck if the neck pocket and neck fit together perfectly, so really it comes down to what you feel most comfortable doing. with a les paul the real reason for the neck being angled is mostly because of the tune-o-matic bridge being so high off the body, if you didn't angle the neck back it would be practically impossible to play because the action is so high. but like you said, teles are more or less level (when set up properly) so it doesn't matter.
So you're obviously not going for the traditional Tele; is it safe to assume you'll have 2 humbuckers there? Or a Single neck and a Hum Bridge?

Go stringthrough, Transparent White (almost Blonde) with a Black guard ... so sexy!

transparent white on mahogany? sorry, but i have to strongly disagree with that, it looks great on alder, ash, maple, etc. but i like his idea for a red finish on it much better.
havn a humby in the bridge position would be good but i want to have as much twang as i can get outa such a dense wood, so 2 single coils would do the trick right??
If you want some real good advice on Teles try HERE .
They have quite a few custom builders, professional players and techs for pros and are more than willing to help with any questions you have.
I've been a member for a few years and I think there a quite a few from here that are also.
You use the same tags there? Anyway, I don't think they like posting links to other forums here ...
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two singles would be your best bet for twang, humbuckers dont tend to have enough attack to twang really well.

Mahogany is too dark for twang, you'll do better with Alder or Ash in that case.

Going with the Mahogany plan ...