I'm thinking about scaling down my rig and selling my 4x12 with celestion seventy-80's i believe theyre called and getting a 2x12 avatar cab

my question is, should i get 2 v30's or a v30 and a G12H30s? I can also use G12T75s, Greenbacks, Classic Lead 80s, Hellatone 30s, Hellatone 60s if you have suggestions.

i play punk/pop/rock but also like to play some classic rock sometimes. also, what combo sounds good clean?

I may play some live gig shows, but the cab will be mic'ed. I will mainly use it in my bedroom for personal and for my studio to record.
I like the sounds of the G12H30s the best, followed by Greenbacks. Depends on what amp you have & the tone you're after. I play a couple VERY dynamic, responsive amps, & play a lot of old Van Halen, Scorpions, AC/DC, & Metallica, so those work for me.

Edit: I do have one 2X12 cab w/ 2 different speakers in it that I can split also, which is kind of cool, but you have to be careful if your amp's 100W & you run it through a 25W single speaker. Really not recommended, but I get away with it because I'm very careful.
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