I have the RG350DX.
All I can say is DON'T.
The metal is REALLY weak and **** and it really is just rubbish. Save up for the S-470 or the RG1570 if you prefer the RG body.
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It really depends on what your doing with it. And how well you've got your guitar set-up.

If you a get a professional set-up and are only interested in slight vibrato that you would do on Fender's, it'll be fine.. much more than that I'd stay away.
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I have had the white Rg350 for 2 months now, and I love it, but then again im going from a crafter cruiser, the body is basswood and I feel its fine, but at the same time, i have buyers remorse.

now I know that properly set up and not hanging on it like a monkey, the knife edges can last a few years, but as much as i love it, when I see an edge3 topic, i always get a pang on "shoulda got the s-470" if your set on the rg, an there are numerous posts about an OFR slotting straight into the routing, but OFR's tend to be expensive, adding another£130- £150 onto the price, meaning your £300 is actually going to cost £450 which is just shy of a much nicer rg1570.

Given the choice i would save up the extra.
id just do hardtail unless you absolutely need a whammy. honestly you get better guitars for less money and zero headache
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if you can afford the OFR later on, do it
i did it with my 350 and now it rocks
soon im upgrading the pups
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The Edge II isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Granted, its not GREAT, but it'll do the job if you set it up right and don't abuse it too much. I had mine professionally setup and its still doing good after a year. But after a while, the knife edges would definitely wear out, then you could just swap it for an OFR.
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My Edge III works fine. Given it's only 3 months old and I've only had the whammy bar on it less than a half dozen times.
with the guitars you have I dont understand why youd want another low-midrange lvl guitar. Why not save up for a really good guitar?
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Personally, if you're set on that guitar, I'd block the edge three until an OFR comes a knockin' cos my friend has needed hers repaired so much over the year she's owned it, first time it needed repairing. About three weeks after recieving it. Now she just doesn't use it and it still messes the tuning.
anything from the s series.
all are superb guitars with OUTSTANDING ZR TREMS!!!!
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