Hi all, I'll keep it simple:

I've just started to work on practicing alternate picking, and I'm using a Paul Gilbert exercise. It's the Total Guitar one which involves picking the following pattern at six notes per beat:

I'm doing this at baby speed (40 bpm) at the start and I'm being careful not to pick up any bad habits. I'm picking with my wrist and not anchoring and I'm trying to hit the strings with the very tip of my pick. This works quite well on the B string, and I feel very little resistance when I'm picking there but when I move to a note on the E string I either hit it with much too much of the pick, or miss it completely. What invariably happens is that I'l hit the first D without too much of a problem but then I'll pick the high A too hard and then miss the E. I don't really want to 'give in' and go back to having 2mm of pick poking out beneath the string like I had before, because I'm sure it was holding me back when I started to speed up: My pick would 'choke' and stop dead on strings a lot.

Sorry that's so long. I suck at being brief.

I'll appreciate any help at all, being stuck like this is incredibly fustrating, and I can't seem to fix it. Things are OKish when sitting down, but it's totally different when standing up.
to be honest, scrap that, the way i learnt/adopted alt picking, is start at any random fret you wish, and using all 4 fingers go through 4 frets, so say you start at teh first fret, use index, and so forth, and keep going forward onto teh next string, alternate picking your way along, so you'll get into the habit of stuff, then try that exercise (if thats not really what you're asking sorry but i just understand that you're having truoble picking in general)
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If you have memorized the notes already. Look at the strings you are picking and go from there until you feel comfortable without having to look at the string you are going to pick. Hope that helps somewhat.