Hey guys. Anyone can explain me how I put my gt-6 on my engl 530 fx loop? I had tried many ways, but i hadn't results.. Help please.
Assuming that the FX loop has Send/Return jacks. Send to Input of Pedal, Return to Output of Pedal. Then Guitar to the Amp input.
Yes, thats the "tradicional" way.. But the engl's back is this:

I already tried many different ways
^ Don't work. The volume stay pretty low when I input the jack in the instrument output, anyone now why thats happen?
^ Didn't work to. The volume only stayed very low, but it didn't happen nothing more :/
The engl works perfecly without the gt-8, and if I use the "guitar-»gt-6 input-»gt-6 output-»engl input" method, it works perfectly, but if i use this method, using the engl distorction the gt-6 effects stay wierd, so i would to test in the fxloop :/
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Doesn't the GT8 have an effects loop of it's own?

Try this method

Firstly, you want to plug a cable from your guitar, into the GT-8
Then, plug the output of the GT-8, into the return on your amps effects loop
Now, run a cable from the send on the GT-8, into the front of your amp.
Finally, run a cable from the send on your amp, into the return on your GT-8

If not, plug the send of the engl to the input of the GT8, and then BOTH L and R channels into the Engl.
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