So i got an Epiphone Les Paul for christmas and want to replace the pickups. I was thinking about either a gibson dirty finger for the bridge and a seymour duncan sh-6 distortion in the neck, sh-6 distortions in the both neck and bridge, or an sh-6 in the bridge and a seymour duncan jazz in the neck. any suggestion? Help appreciated
I would go with a Distortion and a Jazz, or both Distortions. If u need a good clean-sounding neck HB, go with the Jazz. If not, And you need a good distorted neck pickup, the do 2 Distortions.
i want a cleaner sound from my neck pickup so i think i'll go with the jazz and the distortion. thanks for the information
Get an EQ pedal. The stock pickups are not bad, and upgrades won't add to resale value. The EQ will work just as well. My two cents, I'm sure others will have valid disagreement.
i wasn't thinking about resale value but about being able to get a good sound without messing around with effects all the time.
Have you explored the Boss, Digitech, AN Other, digital boxes of tricks? Will do more for you than a pick up change. Amazing how they can boost a modest price axe...
Stop showing off and play the music!
i was thinking about getting a digitech grunge pedal or an electro-harmonix metal muff with top boost. but i still wanna replace the pickups