I ran into a ton of free gear yesterday and I'm having trouble with one of the amps. It's a 50 watt gorilla amp and when I turn the volume knob it crackles a whole lot, the same happens with the growl knob, and sound is only being made through the amp when the growl and volume knobs are at a few EXACT settings. when I say exact, I mean that if I move the knob a millimeter or so, I get a crapload of crackling, then silence. The amp hasn't been used in a few years and i still have to clean it off and such. Any guess what the problem could be?
its a gorilla amp.... read around THIS IS THE SHIITEST AMP EVER AND THE MARSHALL MG and Fender SQUIRES

Ohh and i dont know what the problem is

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Clean all the pots, switches and jacks with contact cleaner. Sounds like a classic case of dirty pots.
thanks for the help uldhppi. i wasnt sure if i was going to need to bust the thing open, but i guess i am. sigh... and as for gface, you're an asshole. the amp was free so im not going to complain about it. and its a WAY older model and its not in production anymore. it exceeded my expectations of what the UG community has led me to believe of pignose...
cool, got any pics of it?
I like having a spare amp to play around on, that's why i'm buying a blackheart killer ant when it comes out.
I wish I got stuff for free.

But yeah, sounds like dirty pots. Maybe just set it to a setting you like on both channels and just forget about it.
Call me Wes.
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Hey, I had me a little Gorilla 15 watter when I started playing....18 years ago!!! Thinking back on it, it was pretty crappy.

But free is free, and there's always distortion pedals!!! Can't beat free!!! Good score on you!!
i ripped it open, cleaned the pots, and it sounds good as new. although, there was more dust inside of it then i had ever seen in my whole life... gross. but yeah, one of my grandpas friends passed away and all his music stuff got left to my grandpa, and he barely plays anymore so I got a mid '80s Yamaha BB300, a late '90s Fender Strat, an '87 Gorilla 50watt for the bass or my keyboard, and a 50watt Peavey Decade... not sure when that was made.