im not sure if this has been discussed yet or not. i was wondering if anyone has played this guitar? i think its a special run at guitar center. anyway its really cheap and im just lookin for a guitar to setup in c standard to play metal. think it would do the trick? anyone whos played it please let me know!
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Are you planning on getting the white or the black? If it's the one I have with the passive EMG's its and amazing guitar. Just note that like with al Ibanez guitars, the input jack will lossen and fall out if you don't screw it in better. I have the white one and it kicks a**!!!
im thinkin white. and i already have an ibanez gsa120 ( a real cheapy) and i havent had any input jack problems so im not worried! But im glad you say its a good buy! do you think a pup swap is in order tho? or are those emg designed ones decent?
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"
They arent amazing, but they fit well in a beginnger/intermediate guitar
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