Here we have a vintage Ibanez birdseye maple acoustic guitar for sale


Ibanez specs:
Birdseye maple sides and back
Spruce top
Maple neck with what appears to be ebony fretboard
Natural finish
Made in Japan
Asking price $500

Awesome sounding guitar, but does show some wear for its age as seen in the pics. Nothing that affects the sound or playability of the guitar though.

Here we have a vintage Alvarez flame maple acoustic guitar for sale


Alvarez specs:
Flame maple body and back
Figured spruce top?
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Snowflake inlays
Honeyburst finish
Made in Japan
Asking price $500

Once again an awesome guitar to play live or for recordings. Has a nice mellow sound to it and just looks great. Does have light pick scratching as seen in the pics, but that seems to be it.

IM asking for $500 for each but fair offers are welcomed!!

WHy pay $500 for the cheap korean or better yet, cheap chinese produced acoustics of now a days, when you can get a Made IN JAPAN acoustic for the same price. Deffinately a better buy in my opinion. The only reason I am selling the guitars is to fund my Sambora Taylor purchase and pay college bills.
bump.... I'm willing to let these go for $350 each plus shipping

Good deal for made in japan acoustics! Plus with age they'll gain some value I believe
bumpppp.............Someone must surely need a nice sounding guitar for recording or possibly a first time guitar(a really nice playing and sounding one) or even jsut as a collectable as these guitars are over 20 yrs old and sure to be worth more as time progresses!
hey thanks for the offer...Ill think about it...but to be honest I paid $500 for it and its sure to increase in value as it ages more. I wanted what I paid for it but with the economy sucking....and needing money for college bills and needing to thin out the guitar collection...Im willing to let it go for $300 + shipping. Its the only birdseye maple one i have seen in the 2 years I have owned it. Ive seen flame maple appear on ebay every now and then and most of those went for a little over $500 + shipping. So that being said.....Ill think about the offer but Id rather get $300 for it as you cant buy a guitar as nice as this for $300 at any guitar store. This guitar was made in Japan and everyone knows the Japanese built kick ass guitars able enough to go head to head with usa made guitars at the time.

thanks again! =)

I would be interested in trades as well....Im looking for a USA fender strat possibly with the LSR roller nut
for sale or trade....Anyone have an american strat they don't want and would want to trade for both acoustics???
What is the model # on the Ibanez? Do you know the nut width on each and do they have cases?