im not a noob, i can play some fast stuff, but there is a small issue that i would like answered by somebody.

now, i just learned the solo that Kristofer Dahl taught on his lesson called "Shred Masterclass: Shred Riffing". you can find it on the UG home page if you scroll down, you'll see some of his lessons.

there is this one fast lick that you play using hammerons and pulloffs, that spans the first four frets. the thing is, i dont know whether my left hand should be in the position where the bottom of the neck touches the bottom of your index finger and the tips of your four fingers are pointed towards the body of the guitar, OR the position in which your left hand thumb is pressing against the back of the neck and the tips of your four fingers are pointed directly toward the neck, and you press on the strings with the very tips of your fingers. someone tell me, which left hand position is better?

thanks in advance people keep rocking!!!
I don't know the song so I wouldn't know exactly. My advise would be to see how he plays it. If you can't then use the classical position if it involves stretching your hand a lot, and the baseballbat position if it's more of quick notes in the same area. Hope that helps.