no sir I'm not schooled or trained
I can't hardly hear the levels in the air
and i tried to grasp what was being said
but the mike was way to loud, so the sound broke up and escaped
and I even tried to grab some knowledge from the tree
but all I found out was that its fruit was misery
and the meaning of life? well...
its been scattered by the storms, written in the table stones
slapped around by time and worn out by all this war....

so let me learn so i can someday
create the potion
become the chemist of emotions let my mixture flow
and flood all of this commotion.
let this wine of mine be drained by them from the bottle to their brains
so fuzzy and ferocious, its vibin in their blood streams
all the sounds unite and tell their tales into th night among arteries and butterflies......

so i still chase these rocks, like i chase the morning sun
trouble keeps falling like rain
making me fall from my chair.
opening my ears to the levels
the levels in the air.