I have a crappy $200 starter Dean and want to make it useful for something. I was thinking of ordering an ash strat body off of warmoth and keeping the same neck because of the SSS configuration. Any thing else that would make it look and sound good. This would be in about 4-5 months so there is time. Thanks for the help.
ummm well for the money being spent i would highly suggest getting a new guitar, but thats just me. If you want to customize try to get some soupd up pickups and a sweet custom body. That'd be awesome! And a nice easy to operate bridge.
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Make sure the scale lengths match. Also, you may need to reshape the neck pocket.
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I was thinking of originally buying a squire strat or something like that but my parents wouldn't let me becasue I just got a new guitar, adn I thought this would be something fun to do during the summer.