Is it possible to get an acoustic electric under $200 that doesn't suck too bad? One thats playable and sounds alright. I want one for Slightly Stoopid, and Sublime/RHCP when they play one. If there is one, please recommend a model/brand, if not what price range am I looking at?
I wouldn't recommend buying an acoustic off of the internet. I found out the hard way. If I were you I'd go to a local music shop and see what they have in your price range, you may be able to find a Johnson for that price.
If you want to upgrade to a 2nd guitar, dont settle for something so cheap. if you're a discerning musician, playing a cheap guitar(no matter how good it is, it has boundaries of how good it can be) will grow tiresome.

If all you need is electronics, go buy a soundhole pickup. Do yourself a favour and invest more money into your 2nd guitar instead of buying a few cheap guitars. You won't be disappointed if you do so. The minimum I would EVER spend on an A/E is $400.

Its worth the extra money. You're not going to give up guitar in the next 5 years are you?