so i have been playing for a year and a half, since this past summer i've been learning to play Iron Maiden songs. I've picked up economy picking, legato(heavy use), and some basic sweeping. But i just can't get their songs, i want to be at least play some of their songs fully with solo's by this summer(the end of my 2nd year of playing) I'm pushing my self and see almost no results. The only results i've seen are i can improvise fairly good and can play somewhat fast. does it take 2 full years to get use to maiden(with solo's). what do i do?! seriously though, I'm deeply upset.
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What do you play other than Iron Maiden?
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nothing lol, I'm a huge fan of theirs. I use to play Black Sabbath, but it got a little to easy,QOTSA. But now Maiden
no it shouldnt...you just might not be meant to play iron maiden dude? try learning the minor scale and work with it
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time man... give it time, we're not all virtuoso's id be pretty happy to be that far into it for the time youve put in. just be patient, slow it down, and dont speed it up until you finally feel like your not being rushed to get that next note anymore....somethin like that
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Take a break from Maiden songs for a week, play some easier songs during that period, work on scales or techniques do anything except play Maiden. After a week or two go back and try again. That usually helps me when I get stuck picking up a song, also break the solos down into smaller parts and learn it by sections. Think of a solo like it's a big steak and cut it into bite sized chunks instead of shoving the whole thing in your mouth and choking.