How come a lot of the "Sunshine of your love by Cream/Eric Clapton" start with 12th fret? though he doesn't play 12 fret... LOOK

and the ones that start off like at the 7th fret dont have the rest of the song, i wish someone would make the tabs like THIS ONE but the whole song.
It looks like THE GUITAR PLAYER is on the 12th fret, while THE BASS PLAYER is on the 7th fret
umm.. you realize both things are the same notes played on differnt strings?
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Oh wow.... another important thing i missed today... but i still like playing the song up farther on the neck...
ya dude your wrong the guitar player is up on the 12but here you go

Edit: My bad its all up one string
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Quote by deathbyawesome
umm.. you realize both things are the same notes played on differnt strings?

what he said