ok so i need a new bass amp, and i have around $400 to work with
i was thinkin something around 30-50watts, tube, strait upclean tone, no effects or anything...

any suggestions?

also: is it true a guitar will sound better through a bass amp?
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Bass amps dont generally come in such low wattage tube.

And you wont get a tube bass head and cab for $400.

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Tubes in the bass world don't always necessarily mean you will get a better tone. They are more of a preference, and Solid States are sold just as much, if not even more, its not like guitar where If you're going to spend some money, you're better off getting tube.

Tubes are an acquired taste, and as Jon said, they are Much more expensive than guitar tube amps.

what are you looking for the amp for, is this for gigging? if so you will end up needing at least 200 watts. If its for jamming, you'll need more than 100, and if its just for room practice, probably anything between 50-80 will be good. (not exact, but what i find appropriate) If i can get a little more info, i can see if i can help you more with this. Just stay away from behringer, thats all i can say.

As for the Guitar on Bass amp, depending on your preferences, they can sound better on Bass Amps, you will get a super clean tone though, and it will be pretty hard to overdrive it, so unless you're looking to play totally clean, i would say make sure you have some pedals. It also sounds, well... more bassy, so you'll have to fiddle around with the EQ a bit, if you're using it for your guitar.

If this is mainly for guitar, i'd say go with a guitar amp, but if you're planning on buying a bass, def. go for a bass amp.
You can look at a 100w fender bassman head or a traynor YBA100 head on ebay (or any other comprable head) and maybe end up spending around that much if the amp needs a little love, but you can't get a cab with it too. You can probably find a bassman 59' reissue on ebay for $800 (that's 50w of tube) but shipping will be insane if you don't do local pickup.
I don't think the threadstarter has a bass. Sounds like he wants a bass amp just so he can tell his guitard friends it sounds better.
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I don't think the threadstarter has a bass. Sounds like he wants a bass amp just so he can tell his guitard friends it sounds better.

Didn't stop and think of that, sounds legit.

Also: check ebay for the bassman 70 tube amp, I saw one there selling with cab. It's 70w.