Who does everyone think?

I should probally say besides hendrix because he was obviously the best. But other than documentaries i havent seen very much solid footage besides some stuff on youtube. I know otis redding and janis oplin put out pretty strong performance. As did the Who and jefferson airplane

My vote goes to the dead.
Otis Redding and Hendrix, in that order. I haven't seen the Who's performance, but Jefferson Airplane were pretty good too. I actually have a CD of their performance.

oh, and I really dig the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's song from monterery that's on youtube.
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im gonna have to say hendrix, then, of course, the who.
they invented the guitar destroying hard rock we all know today
Otis Redding ripped!!

Edit: Janis Joplin, too... can't forget her.
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The Who destroyed.

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otis redding did amazing, he was supposed to be a closer to help clear it out for the night, but he actually brought ppl BACK to their seats

and the iconic hendrix (im not a huge fan), made him famous
Hendrix then The Who.
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The Who. My generation on that was amazing.
The Quick One while away was good aswell, but not as good as it got by Live At Leeds.