so yeah, i've got teh cash and think i deserve a new amp
so i decided to ask the almighty UG Forum about it
i think i've got like 500 dls [not sure, you know, the exchange rate D:]
i want a heavy sound, had a marshall tsl 601 60w which wasn't enough
any suggestions please?

oh and also, i had to say goodbye to a boss ds1
and i'm thinking on getting a boss metalcore
the question is:
can i get the mild/soft distortion i got w/the ds1 with the right settings on the ml 2?

k thanksbye
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First of all forget the boss metalcore, it is horrible. Look used at maybe an Ashdown Fallen Angel combo, they're awesome, you might eveb get a used Peavey 5150 for that price.....EDIT:check this out:http://cgi.ebay.com/Ashdown-Fallen-Angel-DSP-100-watt-Combo-New-and-Boxed_W0QQitemZ320215939813QQihZ011QQcategoryZ10171QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p1638.m122
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the problem is that local stores around don't have Peaveys or Ashdowns
maybe a Marshall or a Laney could do it?

i don't understand how Kerry King/Zakk Wylde get heavy tones out of Marshalls :/
plz help D:
ceci n'est pas un guitariste.