So I get my S back, with the Breeds and stuff installed. Sounds decent. Problem is, I like the feel/sound of my GSA60 more

So i'm stuck at a crossroad. The tech that did the guitar made a crack in between the pickup selector and the volume pot, and it was kind of poorly touched up. Also made a small chip near the middle single coil.

So my dad's gonna call up the shop, see if they can do anything about it because they kind of ****ed up the resale value. Maybe we can get them to buy it off me to sell in the shop so I can buy a different guitar.

I might just buy the SAS36fm (beastly version of the GSA), or a fat strat. Uhg.
wow. what a dip**** tech.
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wow. what a dip**** tech.
The crack I can kinda understand, he was trying to fit a huge superswitch into an insanely thin guitar. It still sucks though. Half my disappointment is me not liking the pickups, and the other half the job he did. My dads gonna call saying that he ****ed it up, and now I can't really even sell the guitar and pickups.

I'm praying that they help me out, like buying it off me.
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Why did you get Breeds in Mahogany?
Why not? I listened to some of Steven Seagull's clips and it sounded good. They definitely didn't give me a good first impression of high output pups.