Hey guys,

I've been having a tough time with my cables breaking, and I'm geeting really tired of having to re-solder them all the time, so I was thinking of buying one of those Monster Rock cables. My friend has one, says its really durable, and comes with a life time warranty. I heard they can mess with your tone. What do you think? Are they junk, or actually worth their pretty steep price? Also, I need a little bit more balls on my solos, so I was looking into booster pedals, and I like the Electro-Harmonix LBP-1, but I can't find any vids of it, so if any of you have an opinions/vids on that, that would be great! Thanks.
ive got a monster rock cable and i love it! its not too durable but thats what the warranty is for. just bring the broken one in to any store where they sell them, and they'll hand you a new one right there.