I'm looking for instructions/guides to what the techincal names are for parts in tube amps[like what you plug the tubes into] and where to find the parts. Also looking to build a 15-20 watt combo, expected price is? Looking to recreate a marshall combo.
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i once had a friend who attempted to make a Tube amp he gave up on it cause it cost him ALOT of money
Go check out www.ceriatone.com for a good kit.
You should have some electronics experience before you delve into a tube amp build. Maybe try building a pedal of two or modding a VJ.
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wut is a luthier? im assuming it has to do with the luthern church
^Haha true true. Plus you don't want to die, there are some mad voltages running in tube amps.
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wut is a luthier? im assuming it has to do with the luthern church
Also true haha. I remember that thread that got jacked with the current/voltage argument, let's not turn this one into that. TS, attempting to build a tube amp with little to no electronics experience is just a bad plan. Learn your stuff, do tons of research, build a bunch of pedals and mod a couple amps like kurtlives said, and then maybe you'll be ready.
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wut is a luthier? im assuming it has to do with the luthern church
Well then does anyone have any knowledge of the "solid state tube" and how to make it/mod it into my SS amp?
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There is no such thing as a solid state tube
If you are talking about randomly putting a tube gain stage into a solid state amp, that would probably be a bad idea, and likely harder to engineer than say a small SS amp running off of an opamp.
*is the thread jacker that argued the volts, and current killage*

don't dive head first into tube amps... they are confusing, and I can promise you'll have problems.
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Ya....there are some high voltages (450V).....but it's the not the voltage that kills ya, it's the current.
450 volts can easily produce enough current
through your body to kill you,
if your skin isn't too dry,
and you get bit from hand to hand,
so the current travels through the core of your body,
where your heart is.

Even if your heart doesn't stop,
it can cause paralysis in your chest muscles,
and/or knock you on your ass.
On your way to the floor, you can hurt yourself,
or get knocked unconscious,
if the jolt didn't already knock you out.

Serious shit, folks.
I've been there, and I DON'T recommend it.
You might get lucky like I did, and just hurt yourself.
But you can also die.

You will hear the colourful stories
from those who've only been hurt.

... The ones who've died don't talk about it.
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i wouldn't, until you've had alot of electronics experience, i've just started building a simple pedal and i've met a few problems (mainly with my ****ty soldering iron)

but, seriously, you wanna make sure you know what you are doing
It is possible for a tube amp to be your first project, but 15-20 watts is a bit more complex than starting with a 5w such as the ax84 amps. It all has to do with how much patience you have with researching the amp and how patient you are when it comes to soldering the components in.
Learning to solder well is a must, so you may want to pratice soldering for awhile before you dive into the tube amp, maybe get some bus wire and a thing of tag board and solder a small bit of bus wire to each terminal to get the hang of it.
dude its the amprege that kills you not the volts otherwise when i got stun guned i would have dies seeing hot the stun gun was 300,000 volts, yah its the amps in the high volts of the amp that kill you
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Hah, you guys. Skin resistance and the available current are the only things that matter when death is on the line. Simple Ohm's law pertains to all things electrical, even death by electrocution. I've been shocked by a 600 volt, 150mA secondary hand to hand... that one felt pretty mean. I'm probably lucky to be alive.

I work with 5000 volt DC circuits almost every day, but they're limited to 500 uA... hardly enough to kill you, but enough to remind you why people don't regularly walk around with high voltages strapped to their bodies.

I've also been shocked with 480, 240, and 120 volts with tens if not hundreds of possible amps behind them. The circuit could be limited to an amazing amount of current, but if your skin resistance is high, it will require a higher voltage to push the fatal amount of current through your body. On the other hand, if you have low skin resistance, it will require less voltage to push enough current through your body to kill you. Ever hear of the poor bastard who died from a 9 volt battery in the bathtub? I've heard stories, but nothing I was able to prove.

If the current is limited, you can receive all kinds of voltage without much harm. High voltage, however, can burn, which is a hazard itself.

The biggest danger of tube amps are high voltage capacitors, which can unleash a crapload of current in a very small amount of time at a formidable voltage. Hence the warnings.

Sorry for hijacking the thread. As far as building an amp, motor-coordination-wise, it really isn't any more difficult than assembling a model car. You just have to pay attention to the nuances of the beast; just like assembling a model. That goes for copying a circuit or building a kit. Designing a circuit, on the other hand, requires a bit more thought and expertise.

So, after all that useless information, my advise is to use Google to search for what you need. I'll be nice and give you a link: http://www.tubedepot.com/