I don't know much about pickups. Could someone explain the difference in quality between magnetic and digital. Also I own a MIM Strat and I love music like rage/audioslave. Are EMG's the way to go for this sound?
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well a strat usually isnt geared toward you're type of music.and im personally not a fan of EMG's. im not sure what magnetic really is. but digital when talking about tone is a bad thing because it sounds thin, harsh and processed, its kind of hard to explain but you can notice it when comparing a high end tube amp to a solid state amp. most of the replies you are going to get are going to ask what amp you have, because your amp is the most influencial thing to your tone. so you should start by tellin gus you're amp. though i would also invest a humbucker guitar, with not necisarily high output pickups but with soemthing a little more powerful.