Yeah in 3 years I’m going to be in a big huge rock band. The ideas that I'm coming up with, you know, the music I'm writing now, they’re revolutionary, as in nobody so far has came up with these radical ideas I’ve been coming up with. I’ll admit, not so much as far as the actual music is concerned, but how it’ll be recorded. The recording techniques that I’m coming up with in my mind are amazing; I can’t believe people hasn’t used them before, or at least to the greater extents that I’m imagining. The music will be amazing though, every song that will be made on the album could be a potential hit single, that's my goal - to create this masterpiece of an album where every song on the album will be amazing. Heck, I’m almost to the point where I could be considered overly-confident that the music will be very popular. I also know that I can’t look at the music objectively, but I’m telling you it’ll be incredible. Also don’t think that music will be a lot like (not all, but a lot) the generic garbage that's out today, I mean it'll be as popular, if not more popular than the most popular band that's out there today, but overall the quality of the music will be better than your favorite band that emerged in the 21st century so far.

In terms of the overall sound of the album I can’t really categorize it into one genre - you'll hear influences from Piano Rock, Funk Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, Heavy Metal, Avant-Garde (which is a really weird type of music), even elements of Eastern Indian music, Country, and Rap. I’m not saying each song will have these genres in it, but you’ll hear subtle sounds from one or two diff genres in some songs. Or a song that is just one genre – like this Heavy Metal song I’m coming up with (which is influenced by various forms of Metal.)

The album will have several guest musicians and random people that are not in any way associated with the music industry, here’s an incomplete list:

Mariah Carey; she'll do guest vocals on a track that is heavily influenced by The Stones' classic "gimme shelter". I need her voice because she can sing the highest notes without even trying, a voice like that is essential for the song I'm coming up with. It's NOT confirmed that she'll be on the album, I still have to contact her directly or contact her record label. I’m confident it'll happen though, if she is unsure about the whole thing I'll just triple the initial pay, the extra expenses will be taken out of my pay.

Nas; genius lyricist and one of the most respected rappers, he created one of the most influential albums of all time. I'm not saying he's the end-all be-all rapper or whatever, but he's amazing and like Mariah Carey, I'll double or triple the initial pay if he's cautious because It's NOT confirmed that he'll be on the album, I still have to contact him directly or contact his record label.

Steve Downes; (the voice actor for Master Chief in the popular Halo videogame franchise.) I need him because I need a really tough sounding dude to deliver a funny/witty line of spoken vocals on the album. I've contacted him and at this point it's just a matter of time, he said he'd be willing to help and is just waiting for this project to take off.

Eddie Kramer; he'll be the audio engineer, he has worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, and much more. I still have to contact him but he still works with groups, a lot of which of lately have not been exclusively big-name groups, which gives me hope that he'll be willing to work with me.

Ridley Scott/ James Cameron; Who have separately made movies like Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, American gangster, Titanic, the Terminator series, and much more. My goal is to get them to create one or two videos. They also worked with music videos before; I’ve yet to contact them.

Storm Thorgerson; he'll be the art designer for our album cover. He has worked with many more bands than Pink Floyd, but he's probably best known as the guy who created all those iconic Pink Floyd album covers. I called his house and at this point it's just a matter of time, he said he'd be willing to help and is waiting for this project to take off.

Steve Wickham; He worked with U2, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and more. He's recognized as one of the great fiddle players alive, and will be compose violin work on the album. I've contacted him and at this point it's just a matter of time, he said he'd be willing to help and is waiting for this project to take off.

Teddy Andreadis; his main contribution is with Guns N Roses, although never an official member he has worked with the band and toured with him, he also worked with Michael Jackson, and Alice Cooper. He'll compose harmonica work on the album. I still have to contact him, but he's not really that hard to obtain like the people I mentioned before, so no offense to him or anything but it really won't be that hard at all.

Anoushka Shankar; Daughter of Eastern Indian music legend Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar will compose Eastern Indian Sitar music on the album, she's an amazing sitarist and would be perfect for the track I'm coming up with. , I contacted her manager and he said that she’d love to, however she’d have to hear the music first. So once this project takes off in fall of ‘08/early ’09 we’ll send her the material and easily get her to hop onboard.

Hundreds of random people off the street; basically in the Avant-Garde song it'll depict a young boy and it's like a coming-of-age kind of piece, where you like listen to him being born and he like grows up and dies. It's weird but it'll be really cool. It's hard to explain but if you're interested in what it'll sound like just Wikipedia 'Avant-
Garde' sometime. Or listen to the Beatles' Revolution 9 to get a better understanding. Yeah, I'll need hundreds of people since the dude will of course meet all these people (just like anybody else would) since it really is this guy being born and lives a life under 5 min, it'll be hard but I could pull it off. This would not be on its own song. It would be a hidden song after the last song on the album.

I've also contacted every stadium, convention center, and mall, also every major city in every state in the USA. I'm also currently on an on-going quest on contacting every university in our nation. I'm doing/did this because I want to heavily promote the album, I mean heavily promote the album. I'm telling you this WILL be huge. I can’t tell you the major record label that I want, although one of their buildings is located on Los Angeles. That’s the only hint that I can give you.

Also, don’t think that I’m some moron going into this headfirst; my knowledge in music in music is immense. I’ve probably studied the industry more so than I have a lot of topics that I was supposed to study in school, something I’m proud to admit. I’ve read countless books about it and really only lack the experience. So all the other miscellaneous stuff like attorneys, managers, agents, and the other boring stuff that I did not include at the beginning of the article – I have all that covered, kind of, I’m going to research all of that this Spring.