this is my first attempt at writing lyrics, so go all out on everything thats wrong. i need to know what to improve. its kinda about what my life's been like recently, and i only have the first verse and chorus, so here goes:

Verse 1:
I stood on one side of the door,
but I couldn't see the other side.
Seemed like I'd been there before,
I guess then just wasn't my time

A life held in the balance,
my heart's sound's static,
the world froze all around me
No room for mistakes,

The life, in the room,
was gone, or so it seemed,
the people all around me,
just too far, out of reach.

I guess, sometimes,
you need, something to hold
when everything goes wrong
to help you, make it right.
Call me Jack.
All that you love...
...you must love now.
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I´m not very good at writting myself but I think it´s really good, I really liked it. I think you´re expressing a trapped and pressured feeling and also advising to find the good aspects of a bad situation, whatever they might be. I really hope I get to read the full version soon. continue writting I think you have a lot of pottencial.