I am just starting out playing guitar, and I am very interested in what I am trying to learn. I would like to know if anyone can help me out with some easy tabs. Something to start me out slow, but will help me in the future.

Tyler Simek
befor you start on songs i would suggest that you work on exersizes. get your fingers use to the movement. different ways to pick. ect ect.

if you by chance use Guitar pro 5, i would gladly write up some stuff for you to try.
What are some Exercises that I could do? Like I said, I just started out, so I don't know a whole lot...
like cromatic movement up and down the neck, finger independance, chords, arpaggios,speed training. stuff like that
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Thanks a lot, GuitarFreak, hopefully I will learn that stuff. Maybe I will contact you soon about those tabs.
Any time Deathshepherd, im here to help. If you dont have guitar pro then i can turn them into picture files and e-mail them to you. just hit me up and give me your messageing info.