If you know what you are getting it is a good deal. It's a very simple slab bodied guitar with a real thin, rough finish, and usually one single coil pickup (although there are some with two.) No binding, carved top, and the peghead is straight, not like other Gibsons. It was made originally as a student grade instrument, although it has developed a small but loyal following. I haven't played one in many years. The neck is thick, and the single coil is not quite as powerful as a P90 but a little more powerful than a Strat single. It is capable of a few different sounds with manipulation of the tone and volume. If you are into minimalism its a good axe.
Yeah it's a really basic, barebones guitar. It has a cult-like following. Looks like a good practice/mod guitar.
It's great for twangy, sparkly indie rock/brit pop stuff, and warm blues. I really like the feel of it, it's so simple and straightforward.
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It's great for twangy, sparkly indie rock/brit pop stuff, and warm blues. I really like the feel of it, it's so simple and straightforward.

Exactly why it pisses me off; it's too damn overpriced.
Sincerely, Chad.
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400 bucks?
It looks like a good enough deal, and it probably sounds pretty good with a pickup switch.
I just wonder about quality of the neck.
Call me Wes.
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Single pickup version would probably make a good slide guitar.....
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I owned a '59 Melody Maker in the early '90's. It was light and well worn. It had been modified to have the standard two humbuckers and four knobs. It was refinished in furniture varnish. It was gritty, throaty and smooth playing. I loved that guitar but traded it off like a fool.

I bought a new one in February '05 and it has a lot of the same spirit. The thin body is great. More like an SG but shaped like a Paul. The Melody Maker, as far as I know, is the only model to ever have the narrow headstock.

I'm one of those cult followers of the Melody Maker, even though I've never really met another or owned more than the two I mentioned. I guess I'm hooked.

I am minimalist and utilitarian in many ways. My guitar-love must be one of them.
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I really dig the new Melody Makers, just watch out for the fretwork on the faded Gibsons.
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