what is the best fender strat under 700 dollars that will give me a good david gilmour tone, witha peavey classic 50, and a big muff. it doesnt need 2 b american. i currently have a fender standard strat, is there anything i can do 2 make it better, and to get it 2 b just as good as an american one or one of the more expensive ones?
David Gilmour uses a lot of effects pedals. Most of the reason he uses the pick-ups he does is because at the time, they gave the least noise off. He has something like 30 different pedals, if I remember correctly (not necessarily using them all at the same time).

For David Gilmour's sound, the pedals and amps are far, far more important than the guitar (this is actually true in a lot of cases, but even more so in his).
Keep the strat and invest in a delay pedal.

Then go neck p/u and you should get a very passable Gilmour tone.