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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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hmm well i prefer organic OD but it sounds pretty real to me. I like it a lot, quite a bang for the buck. Are you interested in it? If so, I'd like to point you in the way of a tube screamer. That's if you have the extra funds, though.
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Its my fav distortion pedal.

Ive heard it labelled as an overdrive, and I'm actually not sure what it is?
distortion or overdrive?

it definately sounds like a Marshall in a box.
The Distortion side blows dogs for quarters, but the OD side is AWESOME. It sounds best through a 12"+ speaker, not a small one. It has a LOT of tweakability. I got mine for $40 and it was WAY worth it, but I ended up selling it because my amp's distortion is more the sound I was looking for.
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