i received a mexican strat yesterday and its setup is just horrible. i suspect it hasn't been played in years and i spent just over an hour and a half just cleaning it. the action is so low that practically every fret buzzes, the intonation is completely off, and an abundance of other issues. does anyone have a resource for fixing all of these problems?
Yea theres an awesome site on the net now called Google. Just type in 'how to intonate guitar' and it answers all

You might think I'm being a sarcastic prick but I'm not. Theres a crap load of stuff on this out there, just don't be lazy to look and expect things to be given to you. Also uhh let me see this site could be of some help too
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Or take it to a tech and have them do it.

More fun to do it yourself though, and not difficult.
i always try google first.

EDIT: i post slow. thanks for that link.
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Here's the search

And here's the first page that came up

I wouldn't worry about the truss rod bit until you got your action height and intonation where you want it. Then see if your neck is straight or not and how much it effects playing.
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Even better:


Go to the resources section and look at the guitar manuals. They have complete Strat setup guides with the factory standards.
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