so basicly wats going on is i pluged in my digiteck rp150 to my computer using my usb slot in the back i was gonna use it to record some stuff

this was the fist time i had used it in conjunction with my computer so naturally it came up new hardware found. i installed it and the computer proceded to restart
but it did not come on instead it came to blue screen that says i should try to restart my computer

so i unpluged my 150 then restarted it and it came on
all cool no as soon as i plugged my 150 back in to power it up, my computer restarted
i tried this about 5 times
every time i had it plugged in or plugged it in the computer restarted or wouldnt start

i figure my computers to old to work with my 150 ( Windows 2000) or i did some thing wrong

help would be nice
in the mean time im gonna try and figure this puzzle out
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