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8 42%
11 58%
Voters: 19.
RG350DX IMO, just because I haven't played the other one, but even though I'm not a basswood fan, I enjoyed the feel and tone of the RG350DX.
Played both, thought about buying both, would have bought the RG4EQM1, but i decided to get my rect-o-verb instead. the 350DX just isnt as good. they sound almost the same, but the 350DX wasnt as comfortable to me. Play both, its a opinion thing (as always).
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I tried out and liked the RG350DX but it's got an Edge III. The one I tried was brand new so you could really abuse the trem and it would come back in tune but I know in a few months that will all change. I voted the RG4EXQM1 but even that has a lic. floyd....
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Yeah, I've gotta add, save your money for somethin better, be much happier with it for a much longer time than an RG with the Edge 3, if you can afford a prestige, you will be happy that you did down the road.
I'd reccommend getting a Carvin Bolt kit. you can get one for about that amount of money, and get a better guitar. You'll have to finish and wire it your self, but that isn't very difficult. I reccommend it because you can get one with a decent bridge, or string through. Also, like a strat, it is easy to customise. Just throw in a new pickguard and you can go from SSS to HSS to HH or whatever suits your needs.
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