I will teach you in this lesson how to play a harmonic. I found that other lessons are over complicating this artful technique that is very fun and useful.

First start by turning your amp to a medium level. To low and you won't be able to hear your mistakes and correct them. To loud and you'll shake your picture frames off the wall with one missed hit.

Second place your finger lightly on the G string, 12th fret, and make sure the string isn't making contact with the neck. You are going to want to place your finger right above the fret (metal bar), between 12th and 13th. Now pluck that string firmly. You don't want to "snap" it or lightly touch it, it needs to be just right. It would look like this in tablature:


Now try this technique in other spots of the neck. Try the 7th fret, 5th fret, and 24th fret (or your highest). You can impress your friends now that you have this valuable skill. Now go perfect your technique!