hey, i didn't see a proper place to ask a question about PA's, so i thought i'd put it here.

anyways, i've got a Peavey 15" active speaker, and a Peavey mixer.

the problem (as the title says) is that i can't get it loud enough that i can hear my voice without feedback problems.

i was wondering if anyone has any tips about how to avoid feedback problems.
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I have to play with No Equilizers. Everything is down: bass, mids and highs.

Also, try a new mic. And a better, more expensive mic doesnt neccisarily mean less feedback. I bought a mic for 150 bucks the other day and it gets bad feed back in a small room, but sounds beautiful in a bigger room.
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Try putting the speaker in front of the mic. If this doesn't work, turn your treble down on the mixer

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